Seath the Scaleless - Dark Souls I
Shannon symonds seath main render

UE4 In-engine - Posed to match the concept art.

Shannon symonds seath turnaround

In-engine Turnaround, captured in Unreal Engine 4

Dark Souls: Seath the Scaleless

Shannon symonds seath front

UE4 In-engine - Front

Shannon symonds left

UE4 In-engine - Left

Shannon symonds seath from sketchfab

Screenshot from Sketchfab

Shannon symonds seath textures

Textures used in the in-engine shaders. All used are at a 2048x2048 resolution for portfolio sake.

Shannon symonds dragon wireframe
Shannon symonds seath concept

For the existing game Dark Souls, this is the concept I have based my fan art from.

Here is a 5 week long project I worked on as part of a unit on my university course.
Being interested on all areas of characters, from humanoid designs to creatures, I thought it was time to develop my artistic skills further by making my own. Dragons are so common in the fantasy gaming world, so I thought I’d take the dragon concept art from the game that has inspired me the most, Dark Souls. It was fascinating to see such a common creature be combined with elements of insects and crystals to make it unique.
The main aspects of the dragon I wanted to capture in my own interpretation was the colours, the way the wings looked so fragile and the almost pearlescent nature of the skin to compliment the crystals.
This was a joy to make!